We have a full-fledged transport department functioning in the college that takes care of the commutation of our day-scholars, faculty members and staff. The job of this department is to provide proper bus services to all the off-campus commuters.

The number of buses is also kept flexible and can be increased as per the intake of the students. There are separate buses for men and women. The department makes sure that these buses are comfortable, safe and affordable for all our students. The bus routes, and pick up and drop points are designed by the department’s management and the corresponding core committee based on the students’ ratio of the respective areas.

Availing transport facilities is totally optional. The Transport Department of College has the authority to decide the pickup points as per the convenience of the maximum number of users and route feasibility


We have on-campus accommodation facility available for our students. There are separate hostels buildings for boys and girls, and the girls’ hostels are located inside the campus premises. Spacious, well-ventilated, tidy and hygienic rooms make our hostels a perfect second home for all of our students. Our hostels can accommodate more than 500 students comfortably.

All the hostel buildings also have a recreation hall, gym and game room with a variety of indoor games for the students. The girls’ hostels have special 24X7 security and only female visitors are allowed to visit inside the hostel premises. The wardens maintain a visitor register to keep the track record of the visitors in all the hostels.

The rooms in all the hostels are fully furnished and have 24X7 Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The laundry facility is also made available for all the students on nominal charges.

The mess facilities in all the hostels are designed to meet the international hygiene standards, and we pay special attention to make sure that the students are getting a wholesome and healthy diet.

We have our own RO mineral water plant that operates within the campus, and all the buildings within the campus premises, including hostels, have adequate 24X7 drinking water supply.

  • Highly Secured Sophisticated Hostels
  • Well experienced Securities in all the gates
  • Full college campus is under the surveillance of CCTV Camera


The laboratories / workshops are fully equipped with complete set of latest equipments and tools, in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The various labs and workshops encompass the vital aspects of Computational Mathematics, Computer Programming, Data Structures, Basic Engineering Workshop, Electrical and Electronics Circuits and Engineering Drawing etc.

Detail of various laboratories and their facilities are as follow:


  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Engineering Chemistry Lab
  • Basic Workshop
  • Electrical Circuits Lab
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab


  • Communication Skills Laboratory
  • Computational Mathematics Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Computer Programming Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • Advanced Communication Skills Laboratory


This laboratory provides a platform to the students to understand the basic principles of physics in wavelength and frequency measurements, numerical aperture of an optical fibre, rigidity modules, dispersive power, energy gap of semiconductor diode, solar cell characteristics, Laser diode and LED characteristics, decay time of capacitors and variation in magnetic field.

Facilities: Laser Source-6328Ao (10 No’s), Grating plate-15000LPI  (10 No’s), Melde’s apparatus bench setup (5 No’s), Numerical Aperture trainer kit (10 No’s), PMMA Optical Fiber (20 No’s), Torsional pendulum (5 No’s), Spectrometer-LC=1’ (8 No’s), Crown Glass Prism (8 No’s), Travelling Microscope (8 No’s), Solar Cell Kit (8 No’s), LED and LASER Diode Characteristics Kit (8 No’s), RC Circuit Trainer Kit (10 No’s), Stewart and Gee’s apparatus (8 No’s), Vernier Calliper (10 No’s), Screw Guage (10 No’s), Stop watch (10 No’s), Ammeter-20mA, 4A (12 No’s), Voltmeters-20V (12 No’s), Digital Multimeters (3 No’s).



This laboratory provides a platform to the students to understand the basic necessities and practical concepts of chemistry, that helps the students in designing and purification techniques which addresses the needs of industries and improves research capabilities.

Facilities: (100) g Analytical balance (4 No’s), Digital potentiometer (8 No’s), Digital conductivity meter (8 No’s), Digital electronic balance (1 No), Distilled water Set (1 No), Digital pH meter (4 No’s), Digital weighing balance (2 No’s), (12) holes Electrical water bath (2 No’s).



This laboratory is intended to provide a platform for the common engineering practices to equip the students for shaping of metals & non-metals and principles of domestic electrical house hold utilities & appliances. Also exposure to the machine tools lab.
Facilities: Carpentry, Fitting, Electrical wiring, Plumbing, Foundry, Tin smithy, Black smithy and standard conventional machine tools and power tools.



The Electrical Circuits Laboratory assists the students to impart with essential knowledge of electrical and electronic circuit design and analysis and provide hands on experience to design different electrical and electronic circuits with bread boards and with different active and passive components. This Lab gives the practical learning and use of various instruments like Multimeter, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Wattmeter’s etc. Along with this, they do practical verification of various electrical theorems, Tests on Transformer, measurement of power in three phase circuits using wattmeter etc.
Facilities: Regulated power supply (30 Nos), Cathode ray oscilloscope (20 Nos), Function Generators (15 Nos), MATLAB and LabVIEW Software