Admission open 2017-18

Department of Civil Engineering


  • Civil Engineering


The Civil Engineering department is one of the oldest Departments in the Institute with its beginning in 2009. The department has been involved in areas of Soil Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulics and Structures and Environmental engineering, Analysis, Evaluation and Design of Highway and Airport pavements, Non-destructive Evaluation and Restoration of various structures such as building and bridges, Process Modifications for pollution mitigation, Ground Improvement and Sediment Transport and Scour studies.

Civil engineers supervise and direct the design and construction of roads, bridges, water supply systems and structures. They take the local environment into account, anticipating earth quakes and hurricanes as well as the stress of daily use. Citizens rely on the civil engineers to keep structures safe and create new systems for more efficient living.

Which transfers students into a bright civil engineers. We have well established laboratories and infrastructure. We have well experienced faculty for different subjects. We are having an environment in which students are well awared about the research going on in the civil engineering which helps in boosting the knowledge of students.