Admission open 2017-18

Department of Computer Science & Engg


  • Computer Science and Engineering


  • Computer Science and Engineering

We are in an era of information technology where data and technologies that manipulate the data rule our lives. Computers have gained an importance that other technologies and inventions had to wait for a much longer time. Still, computers and related technology show no sign of abating their pace of development. This department that has produced some of the best startups and brightest Engineers in the world. Being the hod of this department, I take pride in promoting Computers as a means to achieve a tight integration between humanity and technology. Computers are only as smart as the people who program them. We take immense efforts to ensure the quality of the engineers by adopting a strategy that goes beyond text books. Students are given the opportunity for sharpening their real world skills by facilitating Internships, Inplant trainings and Workshops in emerging technologies. In keeping with the spirit of staying abreast of latest technology, the department has introduced two new courses related to Big Data Analytics this year. We will keep striving to acheive the best results possible and above all, keep the element of fun and spirit of experimenting in computer science education. My sincere wishes to the students for a great academic year ahead.